Writer’s process blog

Writing/Research: The magazine project that we are working on currently, I am a bit confused on what I am supposed to do. It sounded similar to one of the assignments that we did last semester; how we were supposed to go to the library and pick a topic that we wanted to write an essay on. Some writing I have done this week was the speed dating post we had to put on Rampages. It helped me organize the things that I enjoy doing and what I just regularly do, but it was a bit weird too because I usually think that even though I write things about myself, people would not really care what I think or have to say. Also, the categories and subcategories activity that we did in class helped me have a better idea on how to attract the audience that I want and also it helped me sort out the content better.

Editing: During class activity, while I was editing one of my peers draft, I was worried on taking something out that they were really proud of or changing the whole story or content that they wrote by putting my own thoughts into it. Besides editing and adding stuff to their work, I liked it when my group edited mine. They were able to summarize what I said way better than I could and they also included some opinions and facts that I was not aware of. I think it is very interesting getting different feedbacks and information added onto my work.

IT: I am very fast at adjusting to different type of sites by exploring it the moment I find out about it. I did not learn much about Rampages since I have been using this site since last semester. Instead, I was reminded on the different features that Rampages had like tagging and categorizing.

Unit 2 brainstorming

Yourself: What kind of things have you been interested in lately? What have you been up to as a student and as a “real” person? What’s a burning question you have in your “real” life right now? In your school-related life?

I have been really into flag football lately. Even though keeping my grades up is my priority, football is what helps my college life bearable. A burning question I have is how do you maintain a good GPA while having a sport that you play or a club that you are in.

VCU students: What kind of things do you think VCU students are interested in? What events have happened on campus that VCU students have gone to or cared about? What “current events” have you been talking about with other students lately?

It seemed that many students were into basketball, since VCU takes a lot of pride in it. The game that happened recently, when we lost by two points majority of the VCU students were devastated. Since I am more into flag football, that is the topic that comes up most of the time.

VCU: What is important to this institution right now? What kind of issues or concerns or problems or celebrations are true for us? What does VCU as a body of people with a common goal care about?

I feel like the medical school and the school of arts is very important to this institution. Also, since VCU is in a city, keeping everyone safe is their number one priority. I can see that there are doing a great job on that, I see police patrolling every where I go, day and night.

Thinking about format:

Style: Thinking about the work we did in class on Weds, what draws you to a website? What makes you feel engaged/desire to read? In class, we considered colors, use of images relative to text, amount of clickables on screen, use of non-content graphics, ads, themes of content, navigation options, readability for new users, etc.

For me, I am drawn into those websites that are very artistic but simple at the same time. Using creating fonts and images, but also keeping it as simple and clear as they can is what I think a “great” website can be defined as.

Voice: What kind of writer do you like to read on the Internet? Do you like strong voice characteristics, or do you prefer the voiceless impersonality of a wiki? What makes a specific writer engaging or not to you? Feel free to use specific examples.

I honestly hate voiceless, boring, sites like wiki. It makes me want to talk to the creator of the website and tell them to change everything about it. I am really into things that has a strong but also humorous voice that can keep the reader interested but also give valuable information.

Thinking about this project:
How do you feel about this project? Are you excited? If so, by what? Are you a little worried or nervous? What makes you worried/nervous? What do you hope will happen/fear will happen?

I am excited, but very nervous at the same time. I feel like it will be very different from what we did last semester and the first unit. However, as long as I get a good grade while learning something, I am happy to do whatever that is given to me.