Texting my dream

As of now, I chose my primary text to be the app Yelp. This app can be used through any device and it has been downloaded and used by thousands of users. This app is basically a guide to finding the perfect place for you to eat since there are trustworthy reviews, ratings, and pictures that shows how the restaurant looks like, the mood, the workers, and etc.This app was founded by by Jeremy Stoppelman, Russel Simmons, and CTO back in 2004 and it has been getting more and more known after a several rounds of funding and expanding.

I chose this as my primary text because I thought the features this app gives changes the way people have been finding out about different restaurants and places. Through a single site/app, everything has been changed. Also, I have been wanting to know how the creators of this app came up with the idea and how they thought this app would affect people.

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