Kay/Goldberg nugget

“Imagine having your own self-contained knowledge manipulator in a portable package the size and shape of an ordinary notebook. Suppose it had enough power to outrace your senses of sight and hearing, enough capacity to store for later retrieval thousands of page-equivalents of reference materials, poems, letters, recipes, records, drawings, animations, musical scores, waveforms, dynamic simulations, and anything else you would like to remember and change.”

This part does not connect directly to my primary text but there was a question that I came up with after reading this paragraph. Since yelp is mostly used by teenagers to adults who are searching for reviews, pictures, hours, and ratings of the restaurants they are interested in, I was wondering if people were aware that they offer other categories too besides restaurants. I found out after choosing Yelp as my primary text that I can get infos on hotels, public services, pets, real estate, education, and religious organization, and etc. the same way I can get infos about the restaurants. It was very cool for me because I expected it as just a site/app that attracts reviewers for restaurants, but it includes other local businesses too.

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