Futuring my Dream

Currently, I’m looking at my digital text as an efficient app. I feel like I am focusing on how the app works, what it does for us and how it works. I think my primary text could be part of a bigger company in the next ten years. For example, it can be one of the set apps that iPhone chooses to put in every system/device they create. It can be one of Apple’s official utilities along with their compass, wallet, stocks, etc. I believe Yelp has a high chance of surviving the next ten years since countless people are still using it and there are slowly growing and expanding more and more.

One thought on “Futuring my Dream

  1. If Apple puts Yelp on all iPhones it will definitely be go-to app in our world today. I like that concept, and I think they should really try to get it on all of Apple’s devices.

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