Presenting my Dream

Currently, I’m looking at my digital text as an efficient app. I feel like I am focusing on how the app works, what it does for us and how it works. I think my primary text could be part of a bigger company in the next ten years. For example, it can be one of the set apps that iPhone chooses to put in every system/device they create. It can be one of Apple’s official utilities along with their compass, wallet, stocks, etc. I believe Yelp has a high chance of surviving the next ten years since countless people are still using it and there are slowly growing and expanding more and more.

For my research questions, I am going to go to the direction of what more can Yelp do. Like how I mentioned above, partnering with Apple and become one of the set utilities they provide, like this, Yelp can expand with more ideas on how more people can use this app/site to their benefit.

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