Concept Experience: Step 2

The two articles that I have found for “Step 1” of Concept Experience post are articles that contains disagreements. Restaurants owners are fighting back against the negative reviews that unsatisfied customers are posting. One customer rated a restaurant only with one star just because it lacked simplicity, reviews like these make the restaurant owners to show anger and hatred towards them. On the other hand, customers do have the right to write their opinion on their experience and if they received poor service or food, then I believe that it is totally acceptable to be complaining and being honest about it. A quote in this article, “Macri told another Yelp reviewer that she was “full of s–t.” He called one man “proprio scemo” or “just stupid” in Italian and said to another, “If you came back, I’d kick you out again,” it shows here the the owner himself does not act rightfully but instead with anger and threats. I could put a lot of focus on these topics in my project, free speech, fairness, and opinions.

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