Investigators Assemble reflection

This blog, this student has a similar idea for Nelson’s dreamers, “keeping audience in mind is exactly how to maximize benefits of technology.” The words that she chose made me rethink about my topics and I am debating on whether to add “efficiency”, and “integrity”, into my project.
The second blog, I’m not able to relate to this student’s argument, but to connect it to his idea of people getting things for free, like music, I can connect it to my topic on how the users of Yelp will get all of those information and pictures for free. I think making a vip/premium section for the users might benefit their business since they will have another source of money but it will be hard since Yelp is not an app like Spotify where you get to listen to newest/old songs for free without advertisements.
The third blog, this student’s categories are similar to what I want to focus on for my project, like smart business, effect on society, and economic growth and stability.

Investigators Assemble!

Part 1: The Gathering

My topic, Yelp, does not have as much articles as I hoped for, but from the sources that I have found I came up with tags that I knew would go well with my paper. I went through my previous posts and I found these five tags that I thought would go best categorized together: Advancing, benefits, expanding, partnership, advantage.

Part 2: Connecting the tags

Advancing: For a business to continue on surviving, it needs to improve and continue to advance. Like I mentioned in the Nuggeting Sources, Yelp is advancing by partnering with the government and giving us more direct interactions with them, which is a huge step and a huge accomplishment that Yelp took.

Benefits: The more benefit a business offers, the more users will be attracted and continue on using it. Connecting back to the Nuggeting Sources, by providing us with direct interactions, it benefits us as citizens by giving us another way to interact with the government.

Expanding: To become bigger and more profitable, expanding to a bigger business is the only way to go. Yelp partnered with Yahoo to give its users a faster and a more efficient way to search. With that similar idea, I was thinking of Yelp partnering up with Apple and making into one of their set utilities. This way there will be even faster search for anything that we need with reliable reviews and ratings without having to download an app or googling it.

Partnership: Yelp has advanced a lot compared to when it was first developed. It has reviews, ratings, directions, numbers, menu, pictures, etc. provided to wherever it’s asked. I believe one of the most important ways to keep on advancing is partnering up with other big or bigger businesses to stay interesting and to be more useful to its users.

Advantage: The advantages that this app/site brings to us are endless. Like I listed in the paragraph above: reviews, ratings, directions, numbers, menu, pictures, etc. it provides us with fast and reliable information. To make this app more appealing and useful, I want to provide with new ideas and direction this business can go in my project.

Part 3: The advising

Licklider- Licklider believes that Humans and technology will work together and become one, I could really connect his idea with my topic. I believe that Yelp will be used as an app that people will not be able to live with. Yelp is like a “fast information retrieval and data processing machine”, mentioned in “Man Computer Symbiosis.

Engelbart- Like Engelbert has described his invention, new invention increases capability, which goes to Yelp as well. It has the similar ability to solve problems and provide faster solutions to our needs. Through the use of Yelp, we will be having a harder time to think without the help of technology, but on the other hand, it saves us time and provides us with information that we will have to dig deeper into the Internet to find out. The direction I am trying to go with this project is almost the same as Engelbart’s, more creative ideas leads to quicker advancement and provides convenience to its users.

Bush- Fast, efficient, and useful perfectly describes Yelp. Additional to some of the idea behind Bush’s paper, I think he would be pleased with the direction I am going with this project since he cares more about the benefit of something than the entertainment or the enjoyment it may bring.

Part 4: The missioning

I am trying to find more articles or news about Yelp that gives me information on the direction that that business is planning for. I will be focusing on those five tags I have chosen while researching on my topic. I will try to claim that an app like Yelp can go further than just telling a user about a restaurant’s food.

Nuggeting Sources

“With local searches making up about 25% of Yahoo’s search traffic, the demand for reliable local information is high, and we’re excited to make this experience even richer for Yahoo users. Across all categories of local business, from dog groomers and day spas to nightclubs and burger joints, trusted content from Yelp’s vibrant community of locals will help Yahoo users decide where to spend their money.”

This quote perfectly describes one of the idea that I want to emphasize on on my project.For Yelp and Yahoo users, they will be getting a huge advantage through this partnership since they will be able to find businesses in a breeze and get help with finding places to wisely spend their money.

Reflecting on research

While researching on my topic, I found out that Yelp partnered with the federal government on users reviews which greatly benefited us as citizens because it gets us direct interactions with our needs. Reading through this article helped me focus not only on Yelp expanding as a business but also expanding in a government assistance program. Additional to business expansions, I will be researching on how Yelp can help us through the government, health, education, and etc. aside from informing Yelp users with rating and reviews.

Connecting Nuggets

This is another source that I could relate to my research. This article is about Yelp partnering with Yahoo to improve its search engine’s results. Yahoo has many competitors such as Bing, Google and such, but partnering with Yelp made Yahoo differentiate with those other search engines. Partnering with more businesses can lead to Yelp’s expansion and bring more profit to them and benefits to the users.

This article connects to my first article that I found for “Nuggeting Sources”. Both of these articles are about partnering and expanding their business by reaching out to more people to use their service. In the first source, Yelp partners with the government which helps directly interact to the needs of citizens while the second article helps Yahoo users to have a more upgraded and more efficient search engine.

Nuggeting Sources

This article, talks about Yelp partnering with U.S. federal government on user reviews.

“The General Services Administration and Yelp announced the new service this week, saying it will help federal agencies be more responsive to complaints and improve how they serve taxpayers. Reviewers will be able to rate things like the bathrooms at Yellowstone National Park, the Social Security Administration’s customer service and local post offices.
“Adding customer satisfaction ratings and reviews to public services just got easier now that Yelp offers a terms of service for official government use,”” (Olorunnipa)

Yelp provides not just ratings on restaurant or social places but also ratings on government services and operations. This will lead to a more direct interactions with the needs of the citizens, which will benefit us greatly.

Finalizing my Dream

Like I mentioned in my previous post, I will be researching on the direction of what more can Yelp do and what it can bring to us. Also, I will be researching on partnering with other businesses to expand more and to bring more benefits to the users of this app.
I decided to stick with doing my project on Yelp. I am going to talk about how it benefits us, how it is going to advance/expand, and in what different ways this business can go. Also, I will be explaining on how it can go big and go in depth on Yelp’s partnership, advancement, and also talk about how people think differently.

Mapping my Dreamers

These are the three readings that I chose
– As We May think
– Augmenting Human Intellect
– Man-computer Symbiosis

mapping my dreamers

Synthesis #1, we chose the same readings, but the way we did the assignment is different. Mine is more visual since I created a graph, but this student explained the readings in a list.

Synthesis #2, we did many things differently. This student made a web to synthesize and they went deep in explaining each theme and ideas behind the story.

Synthesis #3, this student also made a web to explain their three readings. Similarly to mine, they added quotes from the three readings to synthesize.

They say/I say

“Feel free to begin here. The other side is just if you want to know more about computers, which are changeable devices for twiddling symbols. Otherwise, skip it.” He wrote this believing his most essential message was not about computers, but about media and design. He believed the importance of computers lay not in their capacity for calculation, but in the fact that they would enable new generations of media.”

This quote is from the Nelson reading. I thought I would be able to relate this quote to my primary text, Yelp, because even though the program/what it can do is important, the creativity and the design plays a big role in attracting people and to help them to continuously use it.

Reflection post

I am doing pretty well at the moment. I am getting adjusted into blogging everyday and connecting to the readings and making a post with a nugget from it. The room that we are using, I personally like it way better than a regular classroom because I don’t feel like I am getting pressured to do anything and I don’t have to hold a pencil and fall asleep since we do class activities and move around a lot. I think we are using our utilizing our classroom very well, using each white boards, moving around, sitting on different sides/chairs each class, I can’t think of other better ways of utilizing our classroom.