Blog post #6

Is what we did in class, a useful way of talking about racism?   Why/not?  Do you think it is a productive or important thing to spend class time on?

I think it was a very useful way to talk and bring up the topic of racism. For me, it is very awkward and a bit uncomfortable talking about racism, stereotypes, and just things in those line. However, I do believe it is necessary to talk about it since racism is still something that goes on today everywhere from school, hospital, workplace, and etc. We all know that racism is bad, even though we are all aware that we should try to reduce racism, we do not take a lot of time to think further into why we should actually reduce/end it. Some people think the only way we can stop racism is by not talking about it, but the more we talk about the meaning and the story behind it, I believe people will be more aware and have a faster effect of reducing racism. Also, by talking about it with different people shares their insights and stories of how racism affected them. Although by talking about each other’s experience of racism would give us a new understanding, we will not be able to completely understand the struggle that they went through since we can’t really experience someone else’s nationality.
The picture below are examples of racism that people experience.

Blog Post #5

“Privacy is theft. Secrets are lies. Sharing is caring.”
Privacy was one of the themes that really popped out to me from the book. It talks a lot about privacy and shows many examples of it. From the beginning of the book, Bailey stresses out how everything is shared and that is the “mission of the circle”, while showing a slide that said “All that happens must be known”. They have cameras following them all around being able to find out everything through SeeChange is taking all privacy rights from the people who is in the Circle. One of the main character, Mae, the fact that she is so manipulative and follows whatever the Circle makes her think and do is unappealing as a character.
Reading this book made me realize how careful I should be with what I post on social media. The advanced technology we have really makes it hard for anyone to keep track of things going around the internet.

Blog post #4

I believe memories play a big part on who we are today. We make memories through the things we go through, from experiences. From memories, we are able to act differently and avoid mistakes we made in the past. It also helps keep in mind who were and who we are becoming, like people often look back to see how much they have changed or how far they have gotten from where they were before. Our memories can play a positive role, but also it can be not so trustworthy. I remember when I went to the bathroom to brush my teeth, but when I actually got there, I forgot what I had to do and ended up just remembering to brush my teeth an hour later. That’s probably because I have a really bad memory. I learned in my Psychology class that there are short term and long term memory, and if you can’t remember something that means it has not been encoded right so it cannot be retrieved from your memory since it’s not there.

Blog prompt #3

I am not really sure what my voice is yet, maybe because it changes every time I write. I am so used to just writing whatever my teachers tell me to, that I feel like I have not actually developed a voice for myself. When I write an essay, I usually just try to bs my way to an A. But of course, I never got an A on my essays because of the countless mistakes I made on them. I feel like I never tried my best on writings because I knew I was bad at English, since it is my third language, and because I know my English have not improved at all since middle school. I grew up in different places like France and Texas so the way I talk and think kept on changing as the environment I lived in changed. Which did not contribute on making my writing skills or speaking English any better.

I believe since middle school all I received on my essays were criticisms. It always had like one compliment with thousands of things I should fix, which totally brought my self esteem down. Since then, I just gave up and thought what is the point of putting so much effort in something that I know I am only going to get criticisms on and make me feel stupid. However, I am slowly starting to realize that instead of giving up on writing so easily, I could have just gave it my best and accept the criticism I got, and use it for my benefit instead of putting myself down all the times. That would have helped me improve on my writing skills, and by now I would have been able to write a college level essay. As I write countless essays in college, I will try to find my voice and find confidence in my writings.

Blog #2

What kind of stories are compelling or engaging for me? Hm.. Well, I usually do not read unless I have like an independent reading project that I had to do for my english class in high school. I had to read a book every quarter, and when I had to I would usually pick a nonfiction, either action or fantasy. I like nonfictions because there are stories that the author makes up and you can use more of your imagination and imagine the characters incorporated into the story instead of reading factual things and feel like you are getting lectured in a class. When I read a book, the story has to bring me in right away or I would probably sleep in 5 minutes. There was a time where I had to read a fiction book and write an essay about it, I just couldn’t do it. It made me yawn from the first page and I knew I wouldn’t be able to finish the book by the due date, so I kinda just gave up and failed the assignment. I am really stubborn, so if I don’t want to do or read something then I probably won’t do it.

I like those stories that makes me curious and think of the things that might happen later on in the story. It forces me to think and imagine myself being there with the fictional characters. Also, I noticed that nonfiction stories and books have very descriptive words and really makes you see the story progress in your head. I find that fascinating. The use of the words are very clever and each character in the story always has a unique personality where you can remember how they would dress like to how they would respond to a certain question.


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Dorm on fire

If the place I am currently living in is on fire, and I have to choose one thing that I can bring it out with me, it will be my macbook. Other things like clothing, food, text books, I can easily buy it again, but not this macbook. First, this macbook is probably the most expensive object in my room. It is also my graduation present, which it makes it more special, and most of the memories from my life is saved in this laptop. Pictures, important documents, music, programs, are all in here so it makes it much more valuable to me.

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