Paper 2: Short Story

It was 7:20am, I had bloodshot eyes because I wasn’t able to sleep well since I experienced an event that made my life a living nightmare.
Bullying, a simple word that rhymes with jollying, but it is the complete opposite. It happens often but not much can be done about it. Yea, there are campaigns and fundraisers trying to prevent bullying, but it still happens after generations of fighting against it.
I have never in my life thought I would have to personally experience bullying when I am 27 years old with a job that pays me just enough to pay my rent. This new job got introduced to me by a high school “friend”, Haley, whom I despise because of some boyfriend drama I had with her in high school. It’s really immature of me to still hold a grudge against her, but it is what it is, I hate her, but because I was desperate for a job I had to ask her to help me since she is the manager in this company that I work for now.
It’s only been a month since I started to work here, but I already hate it. My miniature, dark, and gloomy office that I was placed in adds on to my hatred, but the number one thing that makes me really loathe my job is Haley, at least once a day she barges into my office and asks the most random thing.
“Hey Colleen, did you take my coffee that was on top of the printer?” she asked me in a sassy tone. Im sure you weren’t even drinking coffee in the first place.
“No, I didn’t even go near the printer but you should ask John, he should have seen everything that happens in front of the printer.” why am I being so nice to this bitch.
“Oh whatever. You know that if you don’t turn in your report by 5 o’clock you’re out of here, right?” she said it while smirking at me.
“yeah I know, thanks for reminding me! haha” haha yea fuck you.
“yeah, whatever” Slamming the door while she leaves my room.
I swear, she only helped me get this job just so she can annoy the crap out of me. The first month went by with her trying to annoy me time to time, but as time passed, not only her but the rest of my coworkers started to act differently towards me. It seemed like they were turning into Haley’s little minions. Since I work as a journalist, I have to get my reports checked my several people before it can get passed to a higher authority. All I get on my reports are criticisms, but aside from my reports, when I walk in the hall or even clear my throat, my coworkers started to yell at me to be quiet or walk quietly when I cant even hear my own footsteps. Once, I went to the bathroom to wash my hands and came out, then one of my coworker came out saying it loudly, “Wow Colleen, you just stank the whole bathroom, it smells like a skunk died in there.” Humiliating me in front of all of my coworkers.
“ It smelled fine in there, what are you talking about?”
“You don’t have to hide it, its not like anyone can hear our conversation” oh really? Because I thought you had an invisible mic attached to your face because of how loud you are right now.
People started to spread gossip and lies about me, “I heard you fucked every guy in your previous job, and that’s why you got fired and came here” My coworker, Katherine, said while laughing. Is it even possible to get fired because you fucked too many guys?
“What? That is definitely not true, where did you hear that from?”
First of all, I wasn’t fired, I quit because the place where I worked was too far from where I lived, and second, every guy there were just plain awful, so that was the most ridiculous lie I have heard.
“Oh never mind then, I just overheard some people talking” such a ridiculous rumor they are spreading.
First rumors, and now leaving me out on purpose. Every time my coworkers go out to eat, they plan right in front of me and purposely leaves me out making me look like a loser. Having to deal with this crap five days per week is really killing me mentally and physically. I dread going to work, I lose my appetite, and barely have any energy to go out on retail therapy. I’ll have to give it to Haley though, she trained her evil minions very well.
I decided to talk about my situation to one of my closest friend, Christine. She and I go way back, and I can totally trust her since, well she is my best friend, but also she has tons of experience with bullying. I had no time or energy to waste, so I went right to the point.
“Hey Christine, can you tell me a scenario of a workplace bullying? Oh, and what are some of the symptoms?”
“Well, a scenario can be like a faculty member believes that she is a target of bias or discrimination in the department. She feels that her professional status is threatened through isolation and obstruction. Also, symptoms of bullying can be severe stress or anxiety, gain or loss of weight, withdrawal from social activities, obsessive dwelling on the aggressor, or sleep disturbance.”
“Hmm, I see. What are some consequences from all that bullying?”
“Bullied workers, by their faculty members, academic professionals, or administrators, can experience serious psychological and physiological problems, from insomnia and depression to cardiovascular disease and impaired memory.”
“I am in a very similar situation right now as your scenario, and I’m also getting most of the symptoms you have listed. What should I do?” I asked in a shaky voice.
“If that is you right now, I recommend you quitting. Your job doesn’t even pay that much and isn’t that Haley girl the manager who works with you?” Stated Christine, in an annoyed tone.
“Yea, but I can’t just quit. I need money and someplace to work at.”
“I have a friend who just started to look for a journalist, and if I tell her you’re my best friend, she’ll definitely hire you right away! So quit that job right now.”
“Really?! Thank you so much Christine, I can finally get out of that dump!”
And that is how I was able to get out of that bullying environment. Never again do I want to experience workplace bullying, but through this experience, I think I learned tons about bullying and that effects of it.

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