Reflective Blog

I was a bit nervous to take this giant, scary STATS class; its been so many years since i have a math course let a lone statistics, but I have actually enjoyed the learning that has taken place and the feeling of accomplishing something that once made me feel a little anxious. SOCY 508 has introduce me to so many statistical pieces relevant to research, pieces I once struggled with (even in my first few semesters in the program), especially methodology and data analysis sections in reach articles. While reading these sections in , I was always a bit confused  as to what tests were being performed, and what method of sampling.  But having taken this course, I felt more confident and competent in my other course this semester- I had a better understanding  that helped out while writing my research proposal.

All of the course assignments really helped to reinforce my understanding of statistics. I found the recorded lectures and slides to be extremely helpful in reinforcing the content from the book. I love to work in SPSS so that was my favorite as far as assignments go, but the chapter & literature exercises were beneficial as a method of applying the material. The blogs were another great feature- I think I found these helpful because they allowed me to surf the web looking for examples while causing me to serendipitously stumble upon other relevant pieces information.  I do not think there were any features that did not enhance my learning.

As I stated in my course intro blog, I use SPSS a lot in my current job, data collection and analysis it is actually my favorite aspect or my job, so I fell even more familiar with it and its functions. I was quite excited to learn how to build charts and graphs at time of analysis rather than taking an extra step to create something in Excel. I am least familiar with the techniques for analyzing correlation (i.e, in which situations to use them), I know the basics and I know this will come with further use and experience so I am not worried.

While I had considered doing a group analysis project, I did not know the best way to carry this out with many folks being off campus and working. I think it is possible to do group work using tele/videoconferencing if schedules work out but I do think real-time communication would need to take place at some point during collaborations.

I really do not know what could be changed as far as improving the learning process for future students. I think all aspects of the course were clearly designed to present us with content, allowed us opportunity to apply & synthesize the content, and assess our knowledge. Pretty sure you effectively hit all objectives on Bloom’s Taxonomy of Education Objectives. Great Job!