Introductory Blog SOCY 508

I am originally from Chesterfield, VA but currently live in Mineral, VA on Lake Anna. I have a BS in psychology and currently working toward a master’s in sociology. In addition to SOCY 508, I am enrolled in SOCY 625, Urban Sociology this semester. I use numbers daily in my professional role as the Director of Program Evaluation at the Virginia Commonwealth University School of Nursing. I am responsible for directing the ongoing systematic plan of program evaluation and benchmarking for use in quality improvement in all nursing degree programs. My major responsibilities are collecting and analyzing qualitative and quantitative data, designing & implementing surveys, performing doctoral student exit interviews and preparing academic program review reports. Although I like all aspects of my job, I really do enjoy working with quantitative data and SPSS. I can get lost in this work for hours! Qualitative data is great as it can give you useful information and allow you to drill down to specifics, but it is tedious to read numerous comments and create an aggregate of themes.

I look forward to enhancing my skills in statistical analysis and interpretation!