Trolling Went Too Far

After reading the article about the man who keeps dying, I am completely blown away. This man keeps having his picture posted as a victim of major events around the world that have led to great fatality. And why is that? Supposedly because he owes former friends money. They are mad at him and think this is the best response, to pretend he was killed. Absolutely crazy.

The man in this article has been listed as a victim of the bombing at Ataturk Airport, the EgyptAir crash, the Pulse nightclub shooting and more. These events are horrible attacks which lead to many many deaths. It is completely inappropriate to make a mockery of them. By trolling this man and saying he died in these attacks, it is trolling the real victims. These events should not be targeted by this mans old friends just because they are mad at him. There are real victims and real families left with a hole in their life because their loved ones were actually taken in these events. These men need to grow up and realize that this form, and any form, of trolling is incredibly disrespectful.

Can you imagine waking up one day and seeing your son, your brother, your friends face posted all over social media listed as a victim of a horrendous event? That is what this man’s family and friends have to go through every time it happens. Since when did it become okay to joke about someone’s death? Is is incredibly tasteless, insensitive, inappropriate, and disrespectful. People nowadays rely on social media for news as it usually gets the word out quicker. During tragedies, social media is constantly updated with new information to let people know the latest details. We get first hand videos and photos from the scene and it really lets us know what is going on. Unfortunately for this man and his family, the quickest way for updates usually involves fearing that their son/friend/brother has died.

This article really reminded me of an episode of Friends. Chandler and Ross were going back and forth saying mean things about each other online, and then Chandler ends up joking that Ross died. In the end, Ross’s parents call and tell him its not funny and that they were worried he actually died. This episode is really meant to be funny, but if you think about it, it is not (and this is just a TV show). But this man and his family are going through this in real life! I do not understand how anyone could think this is okay. Saying someone died as a joke should never be okay. It should never be something to make a mockery out of.

As a millennial, I grew up in this trolling culture. I kind of just accepted it as normal and sometimes thought it could be funny. But I never really stopped and thought about the victims of trolling. These people are being seriously bullied and it is going viral while the world laughs at it. How would you feel if you were cyber-bullied and the world laughed at you for it? Pretty worthless and terrible, right? I found this post about a former troll. He talks about some of the things he did while trolling and reflects about how it hurt others. His advice as a former troll is to not feed the trolls; don’t glorify them with a response, it just adds gas to the flame. While I think this is worthy advice, I also cannot sit back and whole-heartedly agree. Ignoring trolls could make them stop, but what if they keep going? What if they keep filling your inbox with hate? This could be extremely dangerous and lead to self hatred and self harm.

Trolling is really just cyberbullying, but people think trolling sounds less cruel. Trolling lets people say “hey it was just a joke” after hurting someone online. Trolling lets people walk away with a clean conscious because they “meant” no harm. Trolling is just glorified cyberbullying. Trolling really can and will hurt people. Trolling is not something to take lightly. In fact, trolling can be and is a really serious offense (as seen by this article response). People need to realize that their actions, even if they are behind a computer and a screen name, can really hurt others.

2 thoughts on “Trolling Went Too Far

  1. I enjoyed this post because of the way you asked about how his family members and loved ones felt. When his friends did this they refused to take into account the feelings and emotions of anyone involved in the actual tragedies like you said. I agree with you that making fun of situations like these are the worst possible response to people who have had to go through these events in real time. Trolling isn’t a joke it is real and can really affect the feelings and emotions of many people in the process like you stated in your post.

  2. I also did the same article and completely agree with you on how trolling has never been a joke and never will be. Its crazy how someone could do something like this over money and not think about the effects it has on other people. No one should be treated like this not matter what the reason is. Great job explaining your opinion on the article.

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