Week 5: Mock Scholarship Application Essay

Part 1:

All of my life I have dreamed of becoming a nurse. I am currently thinking of specializing in the emergency room or operating room. People come to the emergency and operating rooms from all walks of life and from a variety of cultures. What makes a nurse’s job challenging is communicating with people from different cultures and communicating with people who speak different languages. I want to learn a Critical Language so that I can communicate with patients who have limited English language skills.

I want to study abroad in Russia through a Partnership Exchange that my university, Virginia Commonwealth University, has with St. Petersburg State University in St. Petersburg, Russia. This program will improve my Russian language skills, because I will be taking all of my classes in Russian and be living with Russian students for a full semester. This will be a full immersion experience for me. While this is a huge advantage to the program I have chosen, it also poses a challenge to me. I currently have few Russian language skills, and only a rudimentary understanding of Russian culture. I am prepared to overcome this challenge, however. My university provides Rosetta Stone language learning programs for all university students. I plan to learn more Russian through the Rosetta Stone and do independent research on Russian culture and history. I feel that these steps will help me learn enough Russian to get by.

I believe that this program will enhance my academic experience and provide me with skills necessary to excel in my future career. After completing an academic semester in Russia, I will be able to speak a high level of the  Russian language and will have a strong understanding of Russian culture.


Part 2:

To promote the Gilman Scholarship, I plan to create a newsletter that my university’s nursing school will send to all of the nursing students. In the newsletter I will discuss my experience abroad and how I think that studying abroad will influence my career as a nurse. Nursing students are among the minority of students who choose to study abroad, and my newsletter will encourage nursing students to study abroad to enhance their communication skills and personal growth

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