Reading Vannevar Bush’s, “As We May Think” has given me some food for thought about how to describe the way that I think. Bush goes on and on about different devices old and new and how they work to savor moments in our lives. For me, my thought process is in part like binder filled with photos and little handwritten notes under each picture telling the date time and location. I can remember a place by its appearance and a person by the way they look. When I begin to think back on an old friend or a vacation I once took I feel like I can remember a key image and the rest of the information is recalled short important phrases. Whenever I find myself going through this process I find myself either biting my lower lip, my thumb, or just stomping around until the gears in my head finally deliver the information I’m looking for. It feels like this pressure that begins in my head and increases the closer I get to the thought I’m searching for and once the thought makes it out of my noggin and onto paper or out of my mouth the pressure is relieved and I feel at ease.


Whenever I work on an art project and start to get into my zone I begin to think while I work.  Lets say I’m going out to the woods with a friend to do a photo shoot. Ill begin by taking the initial shot that i planned and sketched out and then several new shots and poses start to flash before my eyes. Its almost like a montage of photographs that I haven’t taken yet and before I know it one photograph turns into hundreds. I would say that the top image best describes my thought process during a photo shoot



These two images are essentially what I feel like when Im thinking regularly like I discussed in my top paragraph.




  1. Hi MJ,
    I really enjoyed reading this post, and the three pics you chose are very telling. I especially like the pic of the guy literally pouring his thoughts out of his head. I can really see how a photographer would perceive his/her own thinking this way. Very creative!

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