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Based off these two screen shots I have come to come conclusions about the ways that I like to think and do research on the computer. I think that when I am confronted of a topic that I need to learn more about I search for it efficiently and test out the waters only a few times before picking a source that I deem to be appropriate and helpful. I see that based off my search history I do this for academic purposes as well as my own personal interests. I suppose that this can either mean that Im lazy or just very good about finding information on the web.




  1. I would praise yourself and say that you are good at finding information, its always better to be positive! When I try and do research I have trouble deciding which source I find credible and end up having to do excessive research. Which is not necessarily bad, but I’m too critical of sources so I generally end up lacking with some.

  2. If I wasn’t concerned about how to construct our “nuggets”, my browser history would look pretty similar to yours.
    I don’t like diving too deep into the internet when I’m doing serious research either; like you, I don’t feel too many sources I Google are going to be that credible or trustworthy. If it’s something serious, like our research papers we’ll be constructing later on, I’m hitting the library databases first.

    Also, your “What to do when you see a bear” searches remind me of this:

  3. Getting information from multiple resources does not make you lazy. It shows that you want to have enough evidence to help support your reasoning throughout your thought process. You can look in a variety of places, which is shown in your screenshot. I praise you for your effort in looking in multiple places.

  4. Your way of approaching your research is admirable and seems to be common among some of our peers from what i have read so far. The way you test the waters of your research is and not being lazy with it either means that you can find some of the best research out there for your topic making all your effort worth it

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    1. Im jealous of you! Firefly is going to be awesome but Ive been dying to go to EDC and Tomorrow World but I know what you mean festivals are so expensive but definitely worth it if you can afford to go.

  6. I completely agree with the way you research. I feel I often don’t linger on the Internet for too long, because I find my research and leave. It is very easy to get caught up in all the extra details that are not relevant to the actual purpose of the search. I think the ability to weed out the irrelevant information is a talent, not a lazy quality.

  7. Looking in multiple places for the same information isn’t a lazy thing to do. I think it shows determination to find the right answer. Just like me shopping online. When I find something I like I look around for the same thing on different sites for the best price. You can’t believe everyone who says they have the lowest price around!

  8. Michael–very interesting! I agree with what other’s have said here that it’s wonderful that you are searching for information and looking at more than one source before deciding what is credible. That said, others are right to be concerned about the credibility of the sources on the web. Some are wonderful and others are, well, not. We will be studying that kind of stuff this semester in UNIV 200!

  9. Also, I think what you wrote her is great, but be sure to expand on your thoughts. When you notice a trend in your activity, I’d like you to continue writing about it by considering why you make the choices you do…

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