Ogilvy & Mather –

I began with with specific advertising company because after I did my research about the topic of self image and the work Dove was doing to promote it I found out that this company was responsible for their ads.


As I began reading this I was interested to find out that WPP was a British advertising company and I enjoyed reading about how they did their process differently than the above company. However there was only so much that I could find that was relevant to then i moved on to a more broad topic.

Advertising Agency –

I knew the gist bout what an Advertising Agency was however it was insightful to read and learn more. Once I got to a term called social media marketing I immediately felt the need to click on it.

Social media marketing –

Social media measurement –

Media monitoring –

The three topic above all seemed to be very similar however independent in their meaning. I went from social media marketing which was clearly about how companies are using social media such as twitter, Facebook and such to advertise their products to younger generations, to social media measurement and media monitoring which was the mathematical side of media. It talked about how numbers of how many active members on a social website are recorded daily and that their are actually algorithms made to help companies predict future numbers that will in turn assist them with their plan for advertisement.

Machine Learning –

This was a very narrow topic that went over how machines that use algorithms aren’t in need of the human intuition to assist them. However since that was basically what the entire page was about I had to go back and then click on a new link.

*Went back because no links*

Social Networking service –

Digital Natives –

The social networking sight brought me to this page which discussed how kids who are born into a generation with digital media and technologies are referred to as digital natives due to our ability to understand it better than our predecessors.

Millennial’s –

The digital native page led me to Generation Y which refers to our generation (Kids born between the late 80’s and early 90’s). It went into detail about characteristics and traits that we all share and the more i read the more i was interested in this topic. I think that learning about our generations differences due to how we were brought up and what was happening in the world during that time is very important.


  1. I find it interesting how specific you started and how broad you ended up getting. It was a good tactic for research since you were able to immediately get to things you didn’t know about, like that ad company. I’ll be interested to know how you mold this topic into a final project!

  2. The topic you chose is going to be very interesting to explore! I also questioned how social media advertising worked? Whenever I’m on Facebook it seems like the advertisements are always applicable to me! Is the work of those machines and companies that can access your information?

    My topic that I have chosen sort of intertwines with yours. Mine has to deal with Internet privacy and is this not one of those situations? Although companies and individuals are not using them for hurtful purposes I am sure some people do not feel comfortable having there information floating out there.

    I am interested to see how your research develops, nice work so far!

  3. Its very interesting to see how you got from advertising to generation Y. The advertisements that target that specific generation would be something cool to look at or even how ads geared towards our generation differs from other generations.

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