Day 10

being fair

My name is Madison Bratton, and the two goals I focused on throughout this course were sticking with a strict workout program, and eating healthy. As I have mentioned before, these have been goals that I have tried before but never together. After reading Willpower, I can honestly say that I feel like I understand and can apply strategies that will help me reach these goals for the first time. I really enjoyed reading the book, and felt like I can apply the information to practically any area of my life.

For my final project, I would like to first talk about my personal experience with the bike race and how it inspired/motivated me. I already had an interest in it before taking this class, but learning more about it helped me to push me further towards my goals. I haven’t decided exactly what format my project will be in, but it will either be Prezi or Jing. I haven’t had any exposure to either of these, but I plan on experimenting with it! If all fails, I will simply do a classic video, even though I hope I will be able to figure it out. After opening with the bike race, I will explain the workout program goal and share how it has gone so far. There has been a lot of progress, but it has definitely not been easy.

Finally, I want to talk about what I learned from the book that I will actually apply to my life going forward. The three main points I want to discuss are: writing down the very next action, changing a habitual behavior, and use the precommitment strategy. All of these can be applied to not only my two main goals, but my life in general. I want to include some pictures and videos that I took while watching the time-trials from my neighborhood, as well as cool pictures my dad took.

5 thoughts on “Day 10

  1. Madison, I like that plan, especially the precommitment. That’s a winner. Jing is pretty easy to use, I think, but you will need time to practice with it (which will also help you stick to four minutes or less). Email me if you have questions.

  2. I can’t speak for Jing because I’ve never used it but Prezi is really simple program, you just have to plug your information in. It also allows for creativity and the flow of the presentation is very interactive and fun. Best of luck completing your project, it will be very interesting to see how the bike races inspired you.

  3. I really like that you’re going to go and describe what your goals were. I think something else you could do is talk about if your goals have changed at all.

  4. You know, I hadn’t considered Prezi before for my project, but now I am. I’ve seen a lot of polished and visually interesting presentations come from that resource. Jing was also new to me last semester, but it was also incredibly useful and didn’t take long to master.

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