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I believe each of these were touched on. I am unsure about number two,  identify, describe and discuss key features of participatory culture on the web, and examine its impact for adult learning. Participatory culture, is a little unclear to me. Perhaps, that goal means the role of collaboration and group participation in an online environment and within online course.  If so, that was touched upon.

I feel there was a lot of content for one semester and I still digesting much of the information. I do feel the objectives were addressed. As far as what goal I had the most change in, I suppose the idea of personal learning networks and thinking critically about the impact on digital media. I think the reason those two objectives stand out to me is because both were addressed in my two larger projects. Thus, those areas stand out the most for me at this point and have left me with the most thought when leaving the course.

Hands on projects were very useful for me as well as the option of attending synchronous meetings. I felt I learned the most with those assignments and with those opportunities. The blogs and readings assignments I feel that often the discussion was not fluid and I feel that much of the reading did not stay with me.

I think two perhaps needs to be clarified. I was not sure exactly what that goal was. If it is was I assumed above I think it was hinted on. I feel it is a lot of objectives for one course. Honestly, I would love one course to focus on goals 4-7. Those goals alone are very time consuming and could have really been further focused on and enhanced. I would have also loved to have seen 508 and ADA addressed when talking about incorporating digital media.

I really LOVED the reading for my final assignment. I would have loved to have more articles and books that were similar. I also enjoyed creating screen-casts and info-graphics. That was VERY fun for me.

I would have loved more feedback and I would have loved more synchronous meeting opportunities. I really appreciated that you began to offer them towards the end of the semester.

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  1. Hi, Mary.

    I remember reading your paper presentation and actually appreciated the book choice (that was one I’ve wanted to read for a while).

    I also thought that there were certain skills/objectives that I would like to learn more of. Those might be classes in and of themselves I’ll take in the future.

    Good luck in your upcoming classes. Maybe we’ll “see” each other again.

  2. Hello Mary,

    I agree with you about retaining assignments that have hands-on projects. The hands-on projects that still resonates with me, from this course, is the creation of my adult learning network – Facebook group page, screencasting, data visualization and concept maps. Granted these were all firsts that I experienced in this course, it could still assist with retaining subject areas that I’m already accustomed to….or better yet, bring out other ways (various social tools) of approaching projects. By having hands-on activities, can better prepare learners to speak from experiences and evolve from those experiences.

    Thank you for your post. Have a great and safe winter break, Anna

  3. Hi Mary,

    I agree that I would have liked more clarification on objective 2 re: participatory learning environments. This was the area I felt least enlightened about through this course.

    I would’ve been so happy to have seen some activities on web accessibility is well. If you ran across any, send them my way!

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