SOH Blog Post 1 : Reflecting on Mental Health

In the first four weeks of our course, we discussed our mental wellbeing. We focused of different aspects of it. We first discussed Keyes’ model of mental health. He made a way of scaling and finding where people’s mental health stood. Whether that be flourishing or languishing. We find that this is important because when you have a good mental health you tend to exceed greater than those who do not. We then went on to learn how our biology affects our mental health. How the genes that we were given form us into who we are. Eventually demolishing our thoughts on how nature and nurture come into play. This also connects to our discussions on depression, anxiety, and the states of our moods. Obviously because our mental health is directly affected by all three. Which then connected into positive psychology. All of these topics were incorporated with each other and while learning them I didn’t even notice that they truly connected in such strong ways as I Have come to notice in this post.

The information the was most surprising to me was the cultivating our strengths section. I was very interested in this topic because I am one of those people who love to learn more about themselves. Taking personality tests and fining other ways to learn more about who I truly am on the inside (because you can’t walkouts step outside of yourself to see all that you are). It’s intriguing to me. I particularly learned A LOT about myself when while discussing automatic negative thoughts. It was interesting on how many separate levels that it contains. I was able to relate some of the negative automatic thoughts to my own self. It was completely eye opening to me. I really took an abundance of self information from both of these interesting and surprising aspects of the class.

The Keyes’ model was hard to read at first. After studying it for a while it started to make more and more sense. However, I feel as if I am a poor judge of myself, and possibly wouldn’t find the correct state of mind for myself. I Also loved the family tree assignment. It was fun to look at yourself and your family to find similar traits throughout your family. Also, learning of other people’s family trees was a favorite of mine as well. I love hearing about other people and their live, and the ways they relate or differ from mine. The last activity that I have truly enjoyed has been the strengths survey. As I stated before, I love learning about my inner self. Although Id like to learn more about how much of each strength that I have, but as we all know I am a college student and the struggle is real





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