The Circle In Relation To My Life

After reading Dave Egger’s The Circle, I related the general idea of, “Secrets are lies” to my relationship with my family.

I do not in anyway view myself as a secretive person. However, my family doesn’t need to know everything about my personal life. I do not in any way agree with the idea of my parents or siblings right to know what I think, or know how I act when I am hanging out with the guys or my girlfriend. Total “transparency” infringes on a right that every human carries. We carry a right to remain our own person. To have our thoughts, our actions, and our memories, shared without consent, we lose the right to remain independent from one body. This right to be separate from our family is what allows me to grow as my own person, as I distance myself from my family, and make my own bad choices. My secrets are not lies, they are my own choices, and they are mine to make uninfluenced by those who watch me.

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