Internet Identity

To me, digital identity is the way you present yourself to the online community as a whole, whether it be for business, or personal use. The assumption can be made that the way you are depicted online, is who you are in person. Digital identity should be constructed in a way that people view you as a positive figure in the online community, as well as in other social communities.

I plan on constructing my digital identity in a way that most people won’t be able to see what I do online, through privacy filters and other methods. I obviously will be visible to most Google searches, however, when I google my name, the first results are a private FaceBook page, a MileSplit account, and my current RamPage that I post to. I hope to keep it this way, and add an online portfolio to my name soon.

I try to keep all posts professional, which is an incredibly vague term for the internet. Obviously, political affiliations, whether implied, or explicitly stated, may harm my chances at getting a job, as well as any religious views posted to social media websites. However, I’m a private person, so most of these I don’t have to worry about. My bigger problem is finding a way to curb my enthusiasm for colorful language when bantering with friends on social media websites, like Twitter. I however, try to not use my full name in the case that if anything where to happen, I’d be covered by some sort of anonymity. This can’t be the case when working on my portfolio, or other more professional internet outposts.

My online portfolio will be specific to my current interests and goals. It will cover various topics, such as a link to my blog, an art portfolio that includes up-to-date pieces, as well as a job resume. This way, I can cover my past achievements, as well as display my talents. It will make it easier to sell my image to a potential employer, as well as consolidate the amount of research said employer may have to do when looking into my past. I want to confine an interested person to as much filtered material as possible. Simply owing to the fact that I don’t want anyone to find something they could ever use against me. This hasn’t happened yet, nor have I put out any of such content, but I would rather take preventive measures in stopping the opportunity before it happens.

Overall, my online presence is incredibly small at this point, but I’m more than willing to expand. I want to make myself visible to those wishing to find me, and allow them only to see what I want them to see. This way I can keep my private life and business matters separate, as well as keep more of my life private. Because, as much as I am for free use of the internet, I value my privacy. It’s what separates me from the online world.


One thought on “Internet Identity

  • November 6, 2014 at 3:32 am

    I like your privacy deal. I’m not sure if it’s the same thing, but I personally get a little wigged out when I think of how public some people are. I don’t know, I guess I, personally, like being “off-the-grid” more than on it. And for me some of that is safety related. Oh, okay, the more I read, the more it kind of sounds similar. I like everything you plan to put out there in your portfolio. Which I mean to say, it’s very practical and simple and, yes, professional that way. I hadn’t paid much attention to the “colorful language” I’m sure a lot of us use. Now that you mention it, though, that is something I, too, am going to have to be careful of….


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