Photography and how my interests led to a major

Photography is a hobby I have had for a while, stemming from when I was younger and would carry a disposable camera around to take pictures of anything that piqued my interest. Since then, my interest has grown, leading me to want to major in photojournalism. My interest in the hobby has been undulating, but supportive teachers throughout high school solidified my interest and confidence.

I took my first photography class in my junior year of high school. The course covered a combination of 10mm film photography, as well as digital photography and Adobe Photoshop, leaving me open to explore different methods of capturing a multitude of subjects, scenes, and emotions. I believe that these freedoms allowed me to begin to open up as an artist, and develop my own voice in my artwork.

My senior year of high school, I took the second part of the photography course that I had started my junior year. This course offered even more artistic freedom than my previous course, and allowed me to explore most artistic outfits that I could think of. I began taking long exposure pictures of random objects, painting developer onto random pictures that I had taken on a 10mm film camera, and using a toy camera to produce actual pictures. These weird methods of production helped me see my subjects in a different light, and made me focus more on composition and technicalities that I had blown off as useless the year before. This led me to really enjoy taking pictures, exploring new places for subject matter, and filming my way to these new places as well.

The problem I have continuously run into during my progression through the photography world, is the fact that I can become incredibly lazy with some of the more mundane tasks of the hobby. When I had little interest in class, I had a tendency to overlook simple photo-lab procedures, leading to disastrous outcomes and the loss of too many expensive rolls of film, and time. If it weren’t for my ever patient teacher, I would have never gotten back on track. With a lot of guidance, low grades, and frustration, I finally began to take genuine interest in the art I was creating.

Once I had taken interest in my work, I began to really have fun with my photography. Simple trips into the backyard led to great results with infrared photography, and I began to delve into long exposure.

The moon is now one of my favorite subjects, as well as water. I like to try and capture moving objects in weird ways, sometimes giving the motion that they might not be moving after all. It’s much more difficult when your subject is moving, as you may not have as many chances to get the “perfect” picture. It’s a lot of adjustments while on the fly, changing camera settings, focus, and other environmental factors. I don’t always get the photograph that I want, but to me, it just makes the outcome all that more rewarding when I get what I want.Ethan-Concentration8APBOARD

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