Richmond Book Store

A place that I had never really explored, but always meant to was the Richmond Book Store. The store is hard to miss; sitting right off of West Broad Street, a small blue building, with large windows showing a vast array of teetering books through tall windows. It always looks like a scene out of a movie. For this reason, I decided to venture into the store, armed with a dirty camera lens, and a desperate need for blog post content.

Once inside the store, you get the impression that the store is more of something that came to being after someone spent too long hording books and other random objects. However, I think it adds to the overall aesthetic of the store. The eccentric music playing out of old speakers, combined with the fact that there is not a single new object in the building, makes for a small leap backwards in time. There is no place to sit and enjoy the journey; you have to stand, reading the books as others shove past you in the cramped rows of bookshelves. Overall, none of this really bothered me, due to me being a closet book-worm. I mostly just enjoyed reading the books.

My one complaint about the store would be the pricing. For used books, the prices are way too high. The other objects in the store are also priced above their value, making it far less compelling to buy a book. Most college students don’t have the money to buy overpriced books, even if it supports local business. Just for that, I think I’ll stick to my usual used book store back home. Either way, it’s a good place to check out, if not just to take a look at some books.

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One thought on “Richmond Book Store

  • November 20, 2014 at 2:57 am

    I really like that you choose to photograph the Richmond book store, because many people wouldn’t think to look at it. The pictures are cool and look very vintage, like the books themselves. I love old school book and record stores because of what you mentioned, how its like a “leap in time”. When you’re appreciative of history and old art it’s easy to find yourself intrigued by the books and classic comics filling these original stores. Love your choice!


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