This weeks readings explored more layers of social science research analysis of twitter using hashtags, text and network analysis. Pond & Lewis used hashtag analysis to understand and differentiate the types of discourse and connections to explain how influence was shaped in opinions mediated by tweets. The researchers used text mining within hashtags related to… Continue reading #hashtaganalysis

Digital Content Analysis

In Speaking ‘unspeakable things’: documenting digital feminist responses to rape culture (Keller, Mendes, Ringrose 2018) researchers explored how girls and women use digital media platforms to challenge rape culture. This research focused on 3 international sources to understand how girls and women combat or challenge rape culture online. Using the online discourse from the website… Continue reading Digital Content Analysis

Ethics as Methods

We know why data is important… This weeks readings and materials were on IRB in The Digital Age or protecting  human research subjects and its historical place in the United States. Rules were developed and further implemented to determine what could be human subject research after civil crimes and vulnerable populations were exploited in the… Continue reading Ethics as Methods

Digital Social Research

“For many employees a work day means a mixture of professional and private activities,” (Rosengren and Ottosson,181-195) this is even more so in light of covid-19 as organizations adapted new WFH policies to limit exposure and spend of the virus. Applications like Slack, Zoom and Google Drive allow constant contact and live working sessions to… Continue reading Digital Social Research

What is Digital Sociology?

Digital sociology uses technology as both a tool and a lens for studying the networked society through a sociological lens. The networked society (us) or the networked individual (me, you) exists because of our increasing interdependence on technology. Digital technologies like smart watches, iPhones and websites like Facebook and Instagram are no longer a destination,… Continue reading What is Digital Sociology?

Hi, my name is Monti!

Hi, my name is Monti and my pronouns are she/her. This is my second semester in the digital sociology program and I am excited to be taking this course. My research interests are digital health equity, inequality and redlining. Through this course I hope to become a better researcher and become fluent in Python programming… Continue reading Hi, my name is Monti!