Initial pre-writing for argumentative research paper

The way that psychopaths and serial killers think is very intriguing to me. That is why my thesis question is “Do serial killers kill because it’s in their genes or because of life experiences?” I think the answer includes a mixture of both genes and life experiences, but also your own decisions play a bigger role in it. For example, there are many people who are raised in very hard conditions and also have mental health issues but don’t turn out to be serial killers. It is our decisions who make us who we are. Yes, serial killers can be addicted to killing people, but they make the decision of killing them. While others under the same circumstances wouldn’t. At the beginning of my research I believed the correct answer was that childhood traumatization is what makes them kill, but in reality, decisions and genes are also part of the answer. During my research I have found that many phycologists believe it’s a mixture of genes and childhood environment, but they believe one matters more than the other and that decisions does not play an important role in serial killers. I think they disagree because they argue that a mentally unstable person can’t be fully responsible for their actions.

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