Research Nugget #6.2

After some confusion, I realized that the assignments for July 14 and July 11 were both called Research Nugget #6, though they are two separate assignments. So I titled this one to make it more clear which came first.

For most of recorded history, the interactions of humans with their media have been primarily nonconversational and passive in the sense that marks on paper, paint on walls, even “motion” pictures and television, do not change in response to the viewer’s wishes. A mathematical formulation—which may symbolize the essence of an entire universe—once put down on paper, remains static and requires the reader to expand its possibilities.

This passage stood out to me as it relates to my topic largely with its mention of “non-conversational and passive” interaction with media. It reminded me of my research nugget #3 quote about the difference between “affirmational” and “transformational” fandom, and got me thinking about how “transformational” fandom is entirely a child of the internet age. While it debatably existed prior to the internet, it didn’t become so widespread until presently.

It also reminded me of the Firefly fandom, which you can find an essay about here. The short story is that fans of a show cancelled after one season successfully campaigned for their show to get a wide-release film sequel. Something similar happened to Arrested Development, which was cancelled after three seasons, then picked up ten years later by Netflix for a fourth season and upcoming movie.

If you don't get these in-jokes, it is imperative that you open Netflix immediately.
If you don’t get these in-jokes, it is imperative that you open Netflix immediately.

I wonder if passive fandom isn’t becoming a thing of the past and giving way to transformational, or at least active, fandom. There’s definitely a much shorter distance between creator and fan nowadays. It will be interesting to watch how that will continue to affect the creative end.

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