A special screening at The Byrd Theater of Richmond


The screening of this movie was one of the most nerve wracking and thrilling moments of last summer for me. I had spent much time interviewing all the people in the movie so that I was able to put together this movie for my Nana’s birthday and had rented out the Byrd Theater for a special showing of it to surprise her via big screen. As a disclaimer, all of the interviewees and participants willingly agreed to help out and were fully aware of the final product being shared as a form of media shown to the public.


Why higher education should allow more freedom of choice in core requirements

As a first year student, I have to say I am very disappointed in my experience choosing courses at the University so far.  I came into college with the mindset that my learning experience here would be entirely different from that in high school, and it has yet proven to do so.  While some may argue this very well may be an error in my own judgement, I feel that this recent resentment is due to the fact that I am unable to choose courses I am truly interested in. In high school, we are told we need to fulfill certain requirements in order to graduate. Theoretically, if we graduate, we will be able to attend college and then be offered the opportunity to “choose what we want to learn”.  Yet, this semester alone, I am in two biology classes as well as a history course. I absolutely despise both of these subjects and I dread going to class on these days. It is not that I am incapable of putting forth effort in subjects I lack interest in, but more rather that I struggle to digest information on a topic I have no connection to.  I can understand why the university expects taking courses in fields we may not initially see ourselves going into later on life will result in well rounded graduates, but there are surely more efficient ways to do so.The purpose of learning should be to gain knowledge in areas we have never explored before. It does not make sense to me why I am essentially forced to take Bio 101, a class I already completed with an A+ in high school, but I am restricted from taking a course in nutrition as it applies to health and eating disorders. It is genuinely very discouraging to know I spent my entire high school career working towards a Merry-go-round of everything I “learned” during that time period. It is not going to make me any more of a well rounded graduate to take an additional two courses on rat dissection. To be able to possess the knowledge to properly balance my diet according to my nutritional needs, however, will allow me to  maintain a healthy lifestyle and these skills are transferable–I can share what I have learned with others as well. It is still a course in the general sciences area, but one I would actually be intrigued to learn about. Instead, because I am not a HPEX or nursing major, I am stuck in two basic biology classes dissecting small dead animals and seeing a nutritionist on my own time -someone else to tell me what to do to better my eating habits. It does not make sense to me why learning these skills myself should be held above my head. The core requirements for the university need to be revised drastically so that there is room for creativity, so that even required courses are central to a student’s own identity and needs-what I believe is real learning.


My homeschool days--freedom for creativty that cannot be found in high school or higher education universities

My homeschool days–freedom for creativty that cannot be found in high school or higher education universities


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