Something I never considered

It really surprised me seeing others’ thought processes about technology. Some I found coincided with my own beliefs, and others led me to rethink those beliefs. Two in particular stick out in my mind, one that looks at a psychological view of how technology affects us. This one, I feel, is most similar to my own feelings, stating that it ultimately results in us being stressed out, etc.  All technology has done to us as humans is overload us with information. The other however, had a completely opposing statement. It suggested that without technology, we would never have been able to evolve as much as we have thus so far as a species.  I guess this is something I have never considered. Obviously, a world without so much technology would be very different, but do we really owe our growth both as individuals and as a whole species to it’s existence?

Really something to think about.



你好! 我叫Morgan。我是大雪学生。我少英文。我少一点中文。


2 thoughts on “Something I never considered

  1. I don’t believe we should completely attribute our growth as a species to the existence of technology. It is clearly shown throughout human history that we are creator, inventor and innovators. This is how we occupy yourself and in some light a possible justification for our continued existence. That is why I believe that technology hasn’t exactly evolved our species, not yet anyways, wait for that biogenetic stuff, but instead it has grown our species capabilities.

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