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I am really enjoying this class so far. I am not super technology-savvy myself so it’s been nice to play around with thought vectors as well as  rampages to familiarize myself how to better use them. I really appreciate how our topics are things that are very relatable and while learning about them, we also learn a bit about ourselves.  Often times when I respond in class, I respond in a way I have come up with because I can relate to it personally and by coming up with that answer, I was essentially forced to self-reflect. This is something we too often just skip over doing and I think it’s wonderful how much of an opportunity we have to do so in this class.

Also,  even though I feel I am not very good with the usage of technology, I recognize I will be using it for years to come. It’s especially interesting for me seeing I don’t use many apps or social media sites to still see how dependent we are becoming on it and to consider the role it plays in our lives, my own included.

Two blog posts I agree with: (No wrong answer policy-I love this because it makes it so much easier to share our thoughts in class) (The fact that you allow us to “marinate” on the answers we come up with, as she put it. This goes along with what I was attempting to get at-that when we go over topics in class, we also are able to learn about ourselves through reflecting and consider how all this relates  to us personally. It’s not like everything is such a set answer. You allow things to be fluid so there is room for growth and new ideas and I like that.)



你好! 我叫Morgan。我是大雪学生。我少英文。我少一点中文。


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