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“It has been jokingly suggested several times during the course of this study that what we are seeking is an “intelligence amplifier.” (The term is attributed originally to W. Ross Ashby (2, 3). At first this term was rejected on the grounds that in our view one’s only hope was to make a better match between existing human intelligence and the problems to be tackled, rather than in making man more intelligent. But deriving the concepts brought out in the preceding section has shown us that indeed this term does seem applicable to our objective.”

This little blurb caught my eye because initially the concept of “intelligence amplifier” was considered a joke.  Before reading  further and seeing that later it was accepted, I was confused as to why it would be considered anything less than accurate. Technology alone isn’t intelligent. We as people use it to make whatever we need to do easier, quicker, whatever… it allows us to google something instantly instead of racking our brain for the answer. We will remember what we found, and we gain that knowledge from that point on. So sure, that qualifies as amplifying our own intelligence. It requires intelligence to use, and we gain intelligence from doing so. As  I read on  though, I started to re- consider. I begun to realize this opinion I have on this particular blurb is a bit different than what I’ve written before-how I think that  Maybe they were right when initially disregarding this title. Is that really amplifying our intelligence or is it just tackling the problems, allowing us to become reliant on something to help us accomplish this.

The more I consider this, it is increasingly difficult for me to distinguish where I stand. My past couple nuggets I have focused in on how I feel often times people use technology unnecessarily and excessively. Here I seem to be saying maybe it is a good thing, maybe it really does amplify our intelligence. It’s hard for me to say. It also makes me wonder what was different about this blurb that made me kind of switch sides. Maybe it was the fact that they had to reconsider where they stood as well.



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