Investigators assemble!

Key words to consider:

-target audience

Ted Nelson: “Technology is intended to be a creative process with the users in mind. Utilizing social media must be done with the audience in mind just as much! So I see studies say that the target audience of donors is X ages of teens and young adults vs. and older generation now. Well posting in social media allows non-profits to reach this demographic. Using what they are used to, keeping audience in mind is exactly how to maximize benefits of technology. Hmmm now I must wonder how can we even further engage them. Interactive posts perhaps? We must engage our audience! Nothing is effective without engaging the audience!”

Licklider: “I see this as a great plan. Perfect example of how the human brain and the minds of a computing machine partner together.Yes, it is true human minds can devise plans. We devise plans to build relationships with those around us, plans to access the greatest audience possible. But could we put these plans in action without the assistance of computing machines?”

Bush: “ I must agree. Well, I do believe it could be done but perhaps it would take much more effort. This in turn would result in a company, or nonprofit in this case, being much less efficient. That time spent working towards meticulously acting out these plans is of value especially to a nonprofit organization. By using a thinking machine, this is wonderful. It takes away some of the work man has to do, making our labor less strenuous.

Licklider: “In simple terms, using social media to reach x amount of people all at once is much more efficient.”

I think that all the investigators I choose and truly any of the ones we looked at all together would be supportive of technology and thrilled at the ways it can be used in the nonprofit sector. In my mapping my dreamers post, I referenced: Man-Computer Symbiosis (J.C.R. Licklider), Personal Dynamic Media (Alan Kay and Adele Goldberg), and Computer Lib (Ted Nelson).
It was even stated that not using technology or not knowing how to use technology is essentially just foolish. “Literacy and understanding vs. use of- Can one use technology and yet not truly understand it? What are the benefits of actually being “computer literate?” Personal Dynamic Media: “Computers are simply a necessary and enjoyable part of life, like food and books. Computers are not everything, they are just an aspect of everything, and not to know this is computer illiteracy, a silly and dangerous ignorance.”It’s intentionally excluding one’s self from something that is becoming vital to the success and knowledge of mankind. Now, it can be utilized to further businesses, causes, or drive a mission.
I do feel like this point would have been argued though, what if we are “accessing”, reaching this audience but not truly reaching them because they aren’t technology literate. Facebook offers a benefit that shows you when you post from an organization’s page how many people you “reached” in a day and what percentage higher this is than past posts. How do you know you are really “reaching” these people though and engaging them rather than just receiving a scroll by our picture?It should be taken into consideration the integrity of the “results” we are seeing.

After considering some of these different perspectives, my investigation not only will talk about some of these tools that are commonly used by nonprofits but also ways that these tools can still be improved to be a bit more tailored to whatever given audience.



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