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This source– I actually found when doing research for a course I am taking about the financial management of a nonprofit. I was looking for sources specifically aimed at the importance of transparency* in a nonprofit and what I found is that technology is a key factor in nonprofits being able to successfully do so.  This was another aspect of the benefits of technology that I had not yet even considered.

The Independent Sector recommends that every nonprofit include the following on its website:
Vision and mission
Code of ethics
Conflict of interest policy
Audited financial statements
Annual report
List of board members and officers and staff
List of contributors
Any accreditations (Better Business Bureau)
Rating body (CharityNavigator)
Being able to be transparent is a key factor in accountability and accountability ultimately results in the success of a nonprofit. This list of what is now suggested for every nonprofit to showcase consists of ten entirely different concepts in regards to the status of an organization. Being able to reach all this information at once is just revolutionary if you think about it. Prior to technology, how exactly would one go about finding all this information in a timely manner?

(On another note, I really need to figure out whether I want to focus on the future of nonprofits or if I’m comparing to the seems like my nuggets vary a lot on where I stand with this)


*Transparency is defined by essentially being open with the public about the financial status of an organization ( listing all documents easily assessable online the website), disclosing any errors the organization makes and informing the public in times of both good and bad.

This post from another blogger is similar in how it presents technology making people feel a certain way. Previously, I had looked at this idea in terms of social media and key words used. (I actually know Camp Kesem has certain guidelines and key words we aim to use when branding and promoting) Now, in terms of transparency, I am looking at how having the power to easily access can affect how one feels toward potentially donating.

This source is one I found that talks of the benefits and barriers of technology in nonprofits. I did not yet specifically search for transparency but I am sure there is something. I wonder if it was considered a benefit or a barrier. (perhaps it is much more work for an organization to compile all these??)



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4 thoughts on “Nuggeting sources

  1. I think your sources combine really well. The fact that the sources seem really substantial. I really like the one that talks about the benefits and disadvantages of the use of technology in non profits.

  2. I agree with Kenna. Your sources do really link well with one another people the center support ways on the how to efficiently run non profit organizations. Im excited to see more because I’m also doing my project on non profit organizations but I’m mainly focusing on how they raise money

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