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我叫Morgan。我住在 Richmond。 我是大学生 。我在学中文。我会说 一点儿中文。我的外婆是中国人。我的外婆跟我的妈妈从台湾飞到美国。我的外婆在家里说中文。她教我一点儿中文。我的家人也在Richmond。 我常常会去看他们。我也有一个哥哥。他的名字是 Bobby。我跟我的室友住在校外。我有一个室友。我没有男朋友,不过我有很多朋友。我的专业是 Social Work and Strategic Advertising. 我的辅修是 Nonprofit Managment. 我有很多功课和考试。大学很难。我越来越忙。


Welcome! This is my Chinese homework. I will talk about my Chinese studies.

My name is Morgan. I live in Richmond. I am a college student. I study Chinese. I speak a little Chinese. My grandma is Chinese. My grandma and my mom came from Taiwan on a flight to America. At home, my grandma speaks Chinese. She teaches me a little Chinese. My family also lives in Richmond. I also have an older brother. His name is Bobby. I see my family often.

I live off campus with my roommate. I have one roommate. I do not have a boyfriend, but I do have many friends. My major is Social Work and Strategic Advertising. My minor is Nonprofit Management. I have much homework and many exams. College is very difficult. I am very busy.





你好! 我叫Morgan。我是大雪学生。我少英文。我少一点中文。


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