Third reflection post.

今天是周四。我先说我很累。陈人敏说,”下课你回你的家休息吗“ 我说 ‘没有。下课 我不回我的家。上课,下课以后,我有事儿。 我要去会议,Camp Kesem.” 她不知道“Camp Kesem”. 我说,“我们每年夏天给那些妈妈或者爸爸有癌症 的小孩 一个星期的免费夏令营camp. , 我去 Camp Kesem. 我的朋友说,这很好!

我请我的朋友旅行去放完我的家。她说她很喜欢旅行。夏天,陈人敏去加拿大旅行。在加拿大,她参观了 Victoria 和Vancover. 我说“明年夏天,你来见我。” 我的朋友教我这字:訪問。之前,我不知道这个词。我的朋友教我很多字。她说,“你喜不喜欢旅行?” 我说,“我不喜欢旅行。我很高兴享受生活。”


我下课了, 我们说再见。下个星期,我没有课。下个星期我会看到我的朋友。我爱我的朋友。我会很想她.



Today is Thursday. I first said I was tired. Chen Renmin said, “When you get out of class, you back to your home and  rest” I said no. I do not return to my home after class. After class, I have plans. I’m going to a meeting, Camp Kesem. She did not know about Camp Kesem. I said,” We give kids a cancer free week camp for mothers or fathers every summer. ” I go  to Camp Kesem. This is good!
I asked my friend to travel to finish my home. She said she enjoyed traveling. This summer, Chen Renmin traveled to Canada. In Canada, she visited Victoria and Vancover, and I said, “Come to see me next summer.” My friend taught me the word: Visit. Before, I do not know this word. My friend taught me a lot of words. She said, “Do you like to travel?” I said, “I do not like to travel, I am happy to enjoy life.
Then we talk about our home. I said my brother had no children. She does not want a child. She thinks children are very cute, but she did not want to have children.
I finished the class and we said goodbye. Next week, I do not have classes. I’ll see my friend next week. I love my friend. I will miss her.




你好! 我叫Morgan。我是大雪学生。我少英文。我少一点中文。


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