Reflection post four

今天晚上, 我看我的朋友。我们视频。我很高兴看到她因为上个星期 我没有看我的朋友。我们说关于我的卧室。我们说关于卧室因为今天我在我家。她看到我的卧室。她问我关于卧室。我展示我的家给她。她说,“我觉得你的外婆很漂亮!” 她问我,“

你和外公、外婆很亲近吗?” 我告诉她是, 我跟我的爷爷和我的外婆很亲近。我告诉她我的爷爷过世了。 我说我的爷爷过世以后,我画了他的图片。我的爷爷生日的时候,我给我的外婆这张图片。 我的朋友看我在卧室的片。 她说,“很好!我画画画得不很好。”

然后,一个钟头, 我的朋友说“今天午上,我得出去”。她告诉我她会去拜访她的妈妈和她的爸爸。 她先坐火车,然后她坐汽车。她不常常看她的妈妈和她的爸爸。

她教我告诉她,“ 一路順風’ 然后, 我说一路順風




Tonight, I saw my friend. We videoed. I was glad to see her because last week I did not see my friend. We talked about my bedroom. We talked about my bedroom because today I am at my house. She saw my bedroom. She asked me about my bedroom. I showed my home to her. She said, “I think your grandmother is very beautiful!” She asked me,
You and grandfather, grandmother very close to you? “I told her that I was close to my grandpa and my grandmother, and I told her my grandfather had passed away, and I said that after my grandfather died, I drew his picture, and on my grandfather ‘s birthday, I gave my grandmother this picture. My friend looked at my painting  in the bedroom. She said, “Very good! I do not paint well. ”
Then, an hour later, my friend said, “This afternoon, I have to go out.” She told me she would visit her mother and her father. She first took the train, and then she sat in the car. She does not often see her mom and her father.
She taught me to tell her, “have a safe journey” Then I said have a safe journey.




你好! 我叫Morgan。我是大雪学生。我少英文。我少一点中文。


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