Reflection post six


今天,我要她教我声调tones 。上次,我们说一点关于这个。我要学很多。



我觉得这很有帮助。之前,我不知道。我先说声调tones不好,然后,我说 声调tones不错。现在我在家我得复习声调tones 。她教我,现在我得多练习。我们下次见面之前,我会练习说 tones。我很想我的中文口语有进步。





Today, we are very tired. It’s my friend’s morning and my night. We talked a lot about why I did not sleep. I do not sleep  much because I work a lot. I work, and then go home. I am very tired.
Today, I want her to teach me tones. Last time, we said a little about this. I want to learn a lot.
She showed me this:

I think this is very helpful.  Before, I did not know. I first said the tones badly, then, I said tone tones good. Now I’m at home I have to review tones. She taught me, now I have to practice. Before we meet next time, I will practice saying tones. I would like to improve speaking my Chinese.
This is our last video call. I want to see my friend more. I am very sad. I’d like to have a call together again. Tomorrow, we will talk again.


Reflection post five




我们谈论学习。她在上大学学文学和语言。她的大学是一个只是语言大学。我们决定, 下次我们不见面。她有会议。



Today, we talked very quickly. I’m going to the company meeting at half past seven. She told me, “Good luck!”
We did not talk a lot because she told me she was sick. She got her menstruation. She was uncomfortable. She had to go to the bathroom.
We talked about studies. She studied literature and language at university. Her university is just a language university. We decided that next time we did not meet. She has a meeting.
I will miss her. I am very happy to speak Chinese with my friend.

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