Reflection post six


今天,我要她教我声调tones 。上次,我们说一点关于这个。我要学很多。



我觉得这很有帮助。之前,我不知道。我先说声调tones不好,然后,我说 声调tones不错。现在我在家我得复习声调tones 。她教我,现在我得多练习。我们下次见面之前,我会练习说 tones。我很想我的中文口语有进步。





Today, we are very tired. It’s my friend’s morning and my night. We talked a lot about why I did not sleep. I do not sleep  much because I work a lot. I work, and then go home. I am very tired.
Today, I want her to teach me tones. Last time, we said a little about this. I want to learn a lot.
She showed me this:

I think this is very helpful.  Before, I did not know. I first said the tones badly, then, I said tone tones good. Now I’m at home I have to review tones. She taught me, now I have to practice. Before we meet next time, I will practice saying tones. I would like to improve speaking my Chinese.
This is our last video call. I want to see my friend more. I am very sad. I’d like to have a call together again. Tomorrow, we will talk again.



你好! 我叫Morgan。我是大雪学生。我少英文。我少一点中文。


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