Chinese 202 Blog Post 2

今天, 我打电话我的朋友再次。这天,我很累。上个晚上,我睡不着。现在,我不能说中文很好。我的朋友告诉,”你叫我我的中文名字还是我的英文名字?我说,“ 我叫你你的中文名字。” 所以, 我叫她史瑋玟。

在我的课, 照片人也是这里. 他拿很多照片再次。

今天课,我们学上课四和五。我觉得这帮帮我因为我应为学习了. 下周,我会带来很多问题给我的朋友。我要认识多关于她。


Today, I called my friend again. This day, I am very tired. Last night, I could not sleep. Now, I cannot speak Chinese very well. My friend said, Are you going to call me my Chinese name or English name?” I said, I’m going to call you your Chinese name! So, I called her 史瑋玟. In my class, the photographer was there again. He took more pictures again. Today in class we studied lesson 4 and 5. I think this helped me because I need to study. Next time, I will ask more questions to my friend. I want to know more about her.


Chinese 202 Blog Post 1



Today is my first call with my new friend. My friend’s Chinese name is:史瑋玟. Her English name is Roxanne. I do not know her. So, we talk about our lives. I ask her many questions. I think that I need to study more. I try to listen to my friend. Some, I cannot understand. I do not often speak Chinese. So, today speaking chinese is very difficult. Today, in my class there was  a photographer. He took many photos of me and my friend. He will put the photos on the VCU website.Our class ended at 8 o’ clock.

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