Chinese 202 Blog Post 3

今天,我打电话我的朋友在我的朋友的车。 我们去拜访我们的朋友名字Lauren。她是我的很好朋友。她不去我的大学。我不尝尝看她。她住在三钟头从我在在。所以,我很想她。

我告诉我的中文朋友,“我不在我的上课但是我会打电话在我的车。” 什么时候我在我的朋友车,我学习中文。我觉得关于什么我跟我的中文朋友会说了。



我和我的朋友,Lauren 。我看她打篮球在她的大学。

Today, I called my friend in my friend’s car. We went to visit our friend named Lauren. She is my very good friend. She does not go to my University. I do not often get to see her. She lives about three hours from where I am so I miss her very much.

I told my Chinese friend, “I am not in my class but I will call in my car.” When I was in my friend car, I studied Chinese. I thought about what my Chinese friend and I will say.

I told Shi Wei Min about my friend Lauren. We talked about when we will speak next week. We also spoke about when we meet again. We will meet at six o’clock on Sunday.
This day, I think I spoke Chinese much better because I studied

(Photo): Me and my friend, Lauren. I see her playing basketball at her college.



你好! 我叫Morgan。我是大雪学生。我少英文。我少一点中文。


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