Chinese 202 Blog Post 5

我介绍我的外婆给我的朋友。晚上,他们见面!他们说中文!我不知什么他们说 因为她们说很快。


我的外婆做饭晚饭给我。她的拿手菜味道好! 我爱一个家常便饭。 这年,我不到常回来家因为我很忙。

今天我的电话很多玩!我的朋友也说我, 我的老中文朋友,chen ren min 是她的很好朋友!chen ren min 帮帮她学习英文!!! 我很惊喜!我也教我的朋友英文字! 我教她 “ma’am” 和 “man”。 我也教 “snake” 和 “snack”。



Tonight, I visited my nana’s home I introduced my nana to my friend. Tonight, they met! They spoke Chinese! I do not know what they are say because they talked so quickly. My grandmother told her that “I also speak Taiwanese”. My friend said very good! My grandmother cooked dinner for me. Her best cooking is so good! I love a home cooked meal. This year, I do not often come back home because I am busy. 🙁 Today my phone is a lot of fun. My friend also said to me, my old Chinese friend, chen ren min is her very good friend! Chen ren min helps her learn english !!! I am pleasantly surprised! I also teach my friend some English words! I taught her “ma’am” and “man” I also taught “snakes” and “snacks”.







你好! 我叫Morgan。我是大雪学生。我少英文。我少一点中文。


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