Chinese 202 Blog Post 6

今天,HES 给我一个奖学金。这夏天,我会去旅行在Taiwan。什么时候我听说,我很高兴!

我的妈妈和外婆很担心。她们有很多问题。所以,我问题我的朋友。我还没有旅行自己。 我告诉我的朋友,这夏天我去wenzao 大学!我的朋友学校在wenzao 大学 所以她认识很多关于一个大学。我我不知道了很多关于wenzao 大学。

我问题可以我访问她?我的朋友说是呀!“我会给你一个找wenzao 大学”。

我问题 “我家哪里?我有没有在宿舍?”

她说 不知道了。我的家校外。我的家不远wenzao 大学。

我们也说关于机场那里。我的朋友告诉我, “你必须起公共汽车”。我问题她“大学有一个体育馆?每天, 我去体育馆。

她给我看wenzao 大学的照片。我觉得 这大学很好美丽。我希望我的妈妈和外婆说,“你可以一面旅行一面学中文。”


Today, HES gave me a scholarship. This summer, I will travel in Taiwan. When I heard the news, I was so happy!

My mother and grandmother are very worried. They have so many questions. So I asked my friend. I have not traveled myself yet. I told my friend that this summer I will go to wenzao university! My friend studies at wenzao university so she knows a lot about a university. I do not know a lot about wenzao university.

I asked if I could ask her some questions, and my friend said yes! “I’ll give you a look at wenzao university”.

I asked “where will I live? I do not have a dormitory?”

She said that she did not know.  “My home is outside the school. My home is not far from wenzao university.”

We also talked about the airport there. My friend told me, “You must have a bus.” I asked her “University has a gym? Every day, I go to the gym.

She showed me the picture of wenzao university. I think this university is very beautiful. I wish my mother and grandmother said, “You can travel while learning Chinese.”



你好! 我叫Morgan。我是大雪学生。我少英文。我少一点中文。


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