Chinese 202 Blog 7

今天晚上,我打电话我的朋友。我在我的卧室。我给她看我家了。我的朋友名字Jaylen拜访我了。所以, 我介绍他和我的中文朋友。我帮帮Jaylen画。我们会给很多朋友画。多我的朋友毕业大学这星期。所以我给他们礼物。

我们也说关于夏天我留学。她问,“你我的妈妈说你可以去Taiwan?” 我告诉她 ”好! 但是我的妈妈和我的外婆很担心。她们有很多问题!” 所以她说“我帮帮你。我会打电话你的外破。我说中文跟他。我不要她担心。我要你去学习在wenzao 大学!” 我们决定我会拜访我的外婆上星期和我会打电话我的朋友。 我很感谢我的朋友跟我的家说。我希望我留学Taiwan。


These are the paintings I gave my friends.



Tonight, I called my friend. I am in my bedroom. I showed her my house. My friend name Jaylen visited me. So I introduced him and my Chinese friend. I helped Jaylen paint. We will give a lot of friends the paintings。 A lot of my friends graduated from college this week. So,I gave them a gift。

We also talked about how this summer I will study abroad. She said, “your mother said you can go to Taiwan?” I told her “good! But my mother and my grandmother are worried. They have a lot of questions!” So she said, “I’ll help you. I will call your grandmother and I will talk to her in Chinese. I want to study at the wenzao university! “We decided that I would visit my grandmother last week and I would call my friend. I am very grateful to my friend and my family. I want to study in Taiwan.



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