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Camp Kesem-my passion. This organization makes me thrive. Last year I was an event coordinator for their first annual Make the Magic Fundraiser, and this year I am a PR coordinator. I got involved initially after hearing that the cause was aimed at helping children affected by a parent’s cancer and knew I wanted to be a part of this, especially as someone who lost a parent as kid myself to cancer.  I came in with the intention of easing the experiences of others. Never expected to get as hooked as I did though or how easily I would be helping myself just as much. It’s a good thing.


Hammocks at West Marshall with one of best friends here in college. This day made me wish I lived here instead of the apartments I’m in now because we don’t have hammocks! Also, I remember about this day is being really grateful to have such a wonderful person in my life as her. When I think about all the good, good people I have in my life, I realize how lucky I am.


Childhood best friends-Lauren’s graduation from high school. These two have been with me through so much in my life and probably know more about me than anyone else. Lauren and I met on the bus my first day of public school (I had been homeschooled for much of my childhood) and she let me sit with her, eventually introduced me to liz too and that is where these many years of friendship began. We have remained close despite my family’s move in high school to Charlottesville and I am grateful for that. Fun fact: Elizabeth (far right) and I share a birthday. Same date, year.

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Trying out my new camera.. in the back you can see the last two letters on my wall “E, M” from hand painted wooden letters spelling “Kesem”


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My brother Bobby..the best part of my life always. The biggest blessing for me is hearing him talk and it’s easy to forget it hasn’t always been like this. He is such a big motivator for me and a big reason why I want so badly to excel in all that I do. I want to ensure his future continues to be just as bright. I love this guy.


This was the best week of my life. (Camp Kesem 2015) You cannot understand what makes camp life changing until you go.


High school best friend…what’s better than the fact that we ended up at the same college?  I don’t know what I would do without her. Probably laugh a lot less.


Just finished a 4 month internship with Autism Speaks planning for the Richmond Walk Now. So bittersweet now that it is all finally over. I came into this internship knowing my love of event planning, how close this cause was to my heart because of my own experience with my brother’s autism, and that I want to continue my work with nonprofits. Leaving, because of this internship and the experience it offered me in television and radio interviews, I have also found my love for the fast paced environment of media and I am now changing my major to broadcasting


A highlight at VCU- such an honor and a truly exciting week. Looking back, how has this been so many months ago already?

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