Race and Punishment:

In the article, “ Race and Punishment: Racial Perceptions of Crimes and Support for Punitive Policies” they talk about “how policy makers actions and statements amplify the public’s racial association of crime” (The Sentencing Project, 3). The media and policymakers and government are such heavy influencer’s on the American people and sometimes other countries. I agree that that media makes it hard for a person of color to get any justice. We have shows like Law & Order: SVU or crime shows that only show African American men and or other minorities who make up the jail system or act violently. I’m so glad that I’m not an African American man in this day and time because they are treated so harshly for crimes they do not commit. Don’t get me wrong I’m not saying all of them are angels sent from heaven but people are so quick to jump to conclusions. The policy makers better known as the government “ create harsh sentencing laws that impact all Americans and disproportionality incarcerate people of color” (The Sentencing Project, 3), I just feel like if everyone were to be given a equal chance on life that crime would drop significantly. Most of the “ offenders” are born into these lifestyles are not given many opportunities to escape so the “ survival of the fittest or given opportunities” wins. Oh the life of capitalism. I don’t think Weber would be too pleased with the laws and restrictions placed on certain people.

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  • September 22, 2014 at 1:13 am

    I feel many African Americans do get a very bad rap just because the color of their skin. Whites commit crimes just as absurd and heinous as African American’s but are usually not put in the spotlight. All I see on social media outlets are the “hate” crimes committed by African Americans or burglaries and murders while other races just as often are committing these same crimes. Maybe the spotlight is on them because a part of our culture is still in the past. We still see African American’s as lesser people because they used to be slaves but now that they have their freedom many people still try to find a way to oppress them and it could come through generalizing African Americans based on the actions of a select few.

  • September 23, 2014 at 6:01 am


    I agree; what an injustice we do to an entire population, to assume the worst, based only on skin color. I think a lot of it is because race is often the most “salient” feature, in terms of what we can see. I can “see” that you’re poor, because of your race. I can “see” that you are violent and do drugs, because I can see your race. Of course I don’t believe this, but I think it’s a commonly used tool to discriminate. It’s convenient and easy to use race to judge someone, because it means you don’t have to get to know them. Getting to know somebody in depth is difficult. And as you said yourself…capitalism. And capitalism is all about efficiency and convenience without regard for what is genuine, what is moral, etc.


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