Division of Labor

Durkheim & Division of Labor

Emile Durkheim believed that “ modern society tends to work against the effects of the collective consciousness” (Allan, pg.151). I believe the Durkheim would see that in modern day society people who work in the field of service are structured different than people who work in professional fields the whole false consciousness is different for everyone it can’t be categorized. I like the statement that Durkheim uses “ at the center of modern society is a cult of the individual” (Allan, pg.152) this sentence just sums up his whole argument the individual is the root of all evil. In the early times rural communities were built around each other there wasn’t a sense of entitlement, everyone helped each other out. As the industrial revolution happened and more people flocked to the urban areas I feel like that since of “ help” of the community is lost.

Theorist George Simmel talks about the division among people in different social classes in the article “ The Metropolis’s and Mental Life” he states that “intellectualism defines life in the city where as personal relationship defines life in smaller settings” (Simmel, pg.12). The division of labor is only getting worse, people couldn’t care less if there neighbor was one pay check less of being homeless it’s all about me, myself and I (blasé attitude). I just don’t get how all of these theorist are predictors of how society is and was shaped from then to present shouldn’t the division of labor been taken care of by now. I just know getting a job once I graduate it will be the test of Durkheim’s theory.

Work Cited:

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  • September 28, 2014 at 9:10 pm

    I very much agree with what you said about the individual being one of the worst things for a functional society. I like your example of how if a neighbor was about to be destitute no one would know. I feel like though it would not be because someone would not help if they knew, but because people do not know other people. Honestly, I find it amazing anyone has any sort of relationship, because we are all so conditioned to not speak or socialize with others in a very strange way. I would love to one day live in a neighborhood that was an actual community and know my neighbors. I think it is sad how people are so freaked to go up and say hello to someone, we are so conditioned to try to ‘be cool’ we just allow moment after moment of connection to fall away.


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