What would you do?

            In the article “ Questions Surround Lack of Reaction to a Dying Man” written by A.G. Sulzberger and Mick Meenan they cover a story about a man literally bleeding out in the middle of a NY sidewalk. Many people just walk on by or even walk over the dying man, what would you do? Sometimes I think people literally become “stuck” between two worlds; should I stop and help or if I stop and help will people (society) see me as “weird”(Bystander Apathy).

For instance, last week I’m guessing this girl just got dumped and was crying directly in the middle of campus, people we just looking at her or just walking by. I felt the need to stop and ask her what was wrong but I couldn’t because I had to get to class. In the world of Simmel that “ walking past” in the “consequence of constant bombardment of intellect “ (Simmel, 11) creates the blasé attitude. We become emotionless and react to nothing just like the man in need of medical help. If one person stopped and helped he’d still be alive. In the Metropolis and Mental Life” Simmel breaks down the two worlds, “ intellectualism defines life in the city and personal relationship in small settings” (Simmel, pg.12). I just wish we could just break the barriers and just be different and help on another and not be embarrassed for helping. I world as we know will continue to spiral out of control until someone takes the lead and stops being a follower. Will it be you?

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