Class on Tuesday Sept 23!

In class today, we did a version of a cocktail party but instead of talking about anything, we picked three characteristics about our social media habits and went around the room to find others that picked the same ones. The three things I picked were “I use Snapchat”, “I follow celebrities or famous athletes on Twitter”, and finally, “Social media is essential for a business.” The characteristic that I found to be most common was following famous people and athletes on Twitter. I think this is because of the fun and excitement people get from finding out what your favorite celebrity is thinking/doing. It is awesome to see what they do and think on a regular day. Professor Boaz and myself both think that social media is very important in a business setting because there is not better way to get your name out as quickly and as easy as social media. Finally, I found that not as many people as I thought use Snapchat. I think that Snapchat is fun and easy to use and it is a lot better than texting. Also people can post cool videos of things that they do that most of the time goes unnoticed.  All in all I thought today’s activity was fun and informative on where people stand on certain social medias.

Mr. Walker Guest Speaking

We recently had the pleasure of hearing Mr. Walker come in an speak to us about the Ram Pantry. He discussed what exactly it is and what needs improvement. As a group, we figured out many different ways to help out the Ram Pantry, the biggest being their social media. We created an Instagram and aTwitter page for the Ram Pantry and our goal is to get as many followers as possible to help support the Ram Pantry. We are also planning on making recipe’s for foods that are underutilized at the Pantry. Also, we are figuring out a way to go and pick up the fresh veggies from the Farm in Goochland.

Overall, it was a great experience talking to Mr. Walker and hopefully we will make the Ram Pantry much more of a success than it already is!

Training Session @Rampantry

Today I went to the Training session at the VCU Ram Pantry. From what I saw and learned, it seems like a great feature here at VCU. We learned how to volunteer and also how confidentiality is a big thing there because some students are self-conscious of having to go there. We signed contracts saying that we understand their rules and regulations, took a quick tour of the pantry and that was that.The big things that I hope to do while helping them out are…

1.) Raise awareness for the Ram Pantry

2.) Try and volunteer twice a month

3.) Help with their social media

4.) Finally, to help out those who can’t afford food