Pollan Chapter 5 “The Processing Plant”

After reading Chapter 5 of Pollans book, I can now say that I don’t like corn! I knew that it was a powerful tool used by food companies but I didn’t realize it was in almost everything. And the fact that most foods now are so processed it feels as if I am always eating something that contains either corn or soybean or both. I question how the food industry got this way. Why can’t we just eat food naturally the way it is, it is almost as if we are being forced to eat these processed foods or we have to pay extra to not eat them. This all boils down to our obesity epidemic in the US because people who want to eat healthier can’t afford it, so they end up eating these processed junk foods that never expire because they cost so little to make and so little to purchase. I hope that one day our government agencies realize that this is unhealthy and greedy of the large corporations that control the food industry. It is totally unfair to us because in other countries, they eat healthy organic never processed foods and look at how skinny and in shape they are.


Here are some notes I took on the Chapter

  • We don’t think we eat much corn but it is in pretty much everything
  • Wet mills—different from traditional mills where corn is simply ground into dry meal for things like tortillas
  • Corn is used for processed foods
  • Corn has carbohydrates that can turn it into vitamins, supplements and alcohols
  • Wet mills is like food digestion for humans
  • Trans Fat worse for arteries than butter
  • Mill starch—what is left after germ is pulled off kernel shell
  • Enzyme Hydrolysis—breaking down something so much into shorter glucose molecules
  • They invented fructose in 1960’s
  • High fructose corn syrup is 55% fructose 45% glucose
  • Corn and soybean are responsible for preserving foods
  • Processed foods
  • Belle Institute where science meets food
  • Highly secretive
  • Bowling pin cereal
  • Breakfast cereal is very processed
  • General Mills “Food System”, high tech food
  • General mills new organic tv dinners filled with corn
  • TreeTop invented a low moisture naturally sweetened apple piece infused with red wine. Fight cancer

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