Make 5: Game for PP Children

I searched the internet and found a list of games that involve food and children. It was pretty simple and it seems like there are a lot of good ideas out on the internet.  The website I found had four games and I picked what I think was the best one and sent it to Keondra.

Below is the description of the game, it is called Funny Bunny

The object of funny bunny is to repeat a tongue twister with a mouthful of food. Players take turns adding food to their mouths and saying the phrase. The player who can audibly pronounce the phrase with the most food in their mouth wins. You can play funny bunny with marshmallows, banana chunks or string beans. Remember, however, that any food that is small enough to fit in your mouth may prove to be a choking hazard. Never play funny bunny while running or engaging in other physical activities.

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I think that if Peter Paul has bananas they could use those because they are healthier than marshmallows and softer.

Overall, I believe this would be a good game to play with children and I think they would find it fun and amusing and hopefully the kids would be more inclined to eat bananas after playing it.

My 3 Memes

My first meme is my favorite. I made this one in class of a picture I took the day we did Food Art. The next two are me just trying to be funny. They might not be good but I do like the pickle one.

I think this activity was fun and hopefully we can use some of these for the Ram Pantry and our other clients as well.





MAKE #1: Food Art

Last Thursday our class participated in food art, which was the first of many Makes that we are doing for the rest of the semester.  My overall expectation going in was that we were going to have fun but that it was going to be difficult. That was pretty much how it actually went.

We luckily had a whole bag of fresh produce that the Professor brought in which contained everything from squash and cucumber to a rose and pistachios. It was lucky that the professor brought in all those items because many students didn’t bring in food items. The professor left the room so she wouldn’t disturb our creative thinking and we were left with the rest of the class period to pretty much do whatever we wanted with the various food items.

I started off with the produce and tried to be as creative as possible but food art isn’t something you just pick up and do, it was much harder than it looked.

Below are some pictures I took that I thought were ok, but nothing great.


Here are some of the photos that I thought were a little better than those.


And finally my favorite photo is one that I can’t really explain. I don’t know why it is my favorite, maybe because of how simple it is but i’m not really sure. I just like it



Overall, I thought that this make was interesting and also very difficult. I noticed that many other students found it just as hard but it was fun. I believe we could tie this into our clients by advertising a contest of making food art out of an item of food that they get and posting all the entries onto our social media outlets. The winner could win a gift card or something along those lines.