Class on Sept 23!

In class today, we did a version of a cocktail party but instead of talking about anything, we picked three characteristics about our social media habits and went around the room to find others that picked the same ones. The three things I picked were “I use Snapchat”, “I follow celebrities or famous athletes on Twitter”, and finally, “Social media is essential for a business.” The characteristic that I found to be most common was following famous people and athletes on Twitter. I think this is because of the fun and excitement people get from finding out what your favorite celebrity is thinking/doing. It is awesome to see what they do and think on a regular day. Professor Boaz and myself both think that social media is very important in a business setting because there is not better way to get your name out as quickly and as easy as social media. Finally, I found that not as many people as I thought use Snapchat. I think that Snapchat is fun and easy to use and it is a lot better than texting. Also people can post cool videos of things that they do that most of the time goes unnoticed.  All in all I thought today’s activity was fun and informative on where people stand on certain social medias.

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